The Official language of WBC Muaythai (AME) is English. I would firstly like to welcome you all to the https://wbc-muaythai-ame.com/ website. A number of committees have now been established across Africa and by working together we shall improve opportunities for African fighters who wish to contest for a WBC Muaythai African championship title.


President : BETTAHAR HADJ African Committee Chairman.
Email: wbcmuaythaiafrica@gmail.com
Web : https://wbc-muaythai-ame.com/
Mobile: +33781315629

For almost many years I had the honour of being ambassador for the WBC Muaythai around the world and during that time I staged many WBC Muaythai championship titles. I also introduced the WBC Muaythai in lot of country

In 2010 I was again honoured to be given the position of WBC Mediterranean global vice president to the executive committee and in 06 September – 2019 I was again honoured by being given chairmanship of the African country. September 1st 2020 shall see the next stage in the advancement as the official start date for the under 18’s African championship titles All this has been achieved by working with promoters and clubs to ensure that approved fighters who wished to contest for the famous green belt are given the opportunity to do so.

As members of WBC Muaythai African we recognize commitment in maintaining the high standards of excellence and support. Achieving excellence requires clear ethics. The WBC Muaythai African seeks to ensure that every aspect of its day to day running is conducted in accordance with integrity and high ethical standards. Ethics ensure that promoters, fighters, officials and all other persons never put themselves or the WBC Muaythai African in a position that would undermine or compromise proper integrity. By maintaining these standards and working together we ensure that along with our own, the integrity of the WBC Muaythai African is absolute and unquestioned.

The WBC Muaythai African provides dynamic results by embracing professionalism, team work and equality. All members of the WBC Muaythai African reject all forms and means of discrimination. The WBC Muaythai African believes in human equality, fair play and has an ongoing campaign against bullying.

For WBC Muaythai African rules, follow link: https://wbc-muaythai-ame.com/

National committees are responsible for approving national titles inside their own countries borders. Working alongside promoters is important to the advancement of champions. Promoters who wish to stage WBC Muaythai African titles should contact committees within the country they reside or plan to stage an event. The committee shall then assist in helping the title bout request being approved. Should a promoter contact a committee outside the country in which they reside, the committee of that country shall pass the request to the promoters own countries committee and supply the promoter with the committee chairpersons contact details.

If any committee is contacted by a promoter from a country that has no WBC Muaythai approved committee, they should pass on the contact email details of the WBC Muaythai African chairman.

All WBC Muaythai african national title approved requests must be recorded with the WBC Muaythai african office on the official bout notification form, also details of the title bout result must be sent on the official bout result form. This is an official duty of the committee chairperson of the country in which the championship is being staged. Standardized WBC Muaythai African bout score cards and other related documents for all WBC Muaythai African titles contested are available to download on this website in the drop down menu under documentation. Download and print as required.

Score cards used for all WBC Muaythai African titles staged shall be of the same design and layout as will supervises bout score cards. Score cards shall be supplied by the bout supervisor and all score cards, used or unused shall be returned to the bout supervisor once the bout has ended.

African Titles The procedure for staging a WBC Muaythai African title bout shall be as follows. The bout request form should be sent by email to Mr. BETTAHAR hadj at: wbcmuaythaiafrica@gmail.com

The official bout request form can be found on this website in the drop down menu under documentation. All fields of the request form should to be completed before a bout can be approved.

Once approved (or not) notification shall be made by return email. Approved title bouts shall be posted on WBC Muaythai African social media. Notification of the approved bout shall also be sent to WBC Muaythai African head office..

Once approved the promoter shall be able to order the approved African title belt from wbcmuaythaiafrica@gmail.com and arrange payment. Once payment has been made in full, the belt will be posted to the promoter.


African Rankings. WBC Muaythai Africa rankings

Above is the contact email for the african ranking After each meeting, officials and committees shall be sent via email the updated rankings, please ensure you keep yourselves updated with your national rankings and send any recommendations regarding fighters whom you feel deserve being ranked with the WBC Muaythai African. Ensure that you give the correct spelling when giving a fighters name and country.

WBC Muaythai African Media. Here is the current list of our media networks. We hope you will click on the links and join us on Instagram & Facebook #wbc-muaythai-ame and post your events and current WBC Muaythai african Champions plus all other relevant Muaythai news and please always be respectful.

Instagram: #wbc-muaythai-ame

Facebook: WBC MuayThai AME

Email: wbcmuaythaiafrica@gmail.com



1 / The promoter(s) agrees to this WBC Muaythai Africa championship agreement for the staging of a WBC Muaythai Africa championship bout contest and here by agrees to follow the rules of the WBC Muaythai Africa and polices of the WBC Muaythai Africa.

2 / The promoter(s) is responsible to submit to the AFRICAN chairman a fully completed championship request form at least 30 days prior to a championship event being staged.

2-A / A bout request sent within the 30-day period may still be granted by the committee

2-B / No AFRICAN championship bout is to be made public before approval has be given.

3 / It shall be the promoter(s) responsibility to ensure that all contestants undergo a satisfactory medical examination prior to a championship event being staged. It is also being the promoter(s) responsibility to ensure all contestants have insurance cover as required for the taking part in African Muaythai championships.

4 / The promoter(s) is responsible to coordinate with both fighters and seconds regarding the championship weigh-in, which must take place from 24 to 30 hours before the time of the championship event.

4-A / At each WBC Muaythai Africa championship bout weigh-in, a record of both fighter’s weights must be recorded and signed by the promoter and both fighters as being correct. This is to be given to the WBC bout supervisor for committee records.

5 / The WBC Muaythai Africa hold the ownership rights of the WBC africa trademark for official WBC Muaythai Africa events. All bouts staged are governed by the WBC Muaythai Africa rules and regulations in agreement with the WBC Muaythai Africa.

6 / The promoter(s) is responsible to pay the following fees. Sanction fees as per championship bout sanction fee and admin, all insurance for the event, promoters’ yearly membership and championship belts.

7 / The promoter(s) is responsible to pay the fees of ringside officials for the proposed championship contest. Payment in full covering all expenses must be paid one day before the event.

7-A / The promoter(s) is responsible to pay for transport and hotel accommodation expenses for the WBC Muaythai Africa bout supervisor.

7-B / Accommodation may be for one night prior to the event and one night after the date of the event, or as agreed with the bout supervisor.

7-C / The promoter(s) must provide meals for the days that correspond to the hotel accommodation for the WBC Muaythai Africa supervisor.

8 / Seating at or about the center of the ring for WBC ringside officials and WBC bout supervisor.

9 / The promoter(s) must provide an event I.D. pass for the WBC Muaythai Africa bout supervisor ringside officials with access to all areas.

10 / The promoter(s) should send to the WBC Muaythai Africa at least 5 photographs of the two fighters and at least 5 pictures of the event weigh-in the day before the title bout. Photographs taken from the title bout, should be sent no later than 2 days after the contest to wbcmuaythaiafrica@gmail.com

10-A / An event poster advertising the championship event should be sent to the African committee for publication on all WBC Muaythai Africa media outlets, subject to approval.

10-B / By submitting a championship bout request the promoter(s) agrees to all WBC Muaythai Africa rules and agreement.


The WBC Muaythai Africa policy is to offer opportunities to fighters to compete for its titles, the WBC Muaythai Africa seeks to prevent titles from being frozen due to inactivity by champions.

Therefore, a WBC Muaythai Africa champion should strive to defend the title in mandatory or voluntary defense within the six months unless a written exception or extension is granted by the WBC Muaythai Africa committee.

AFRICAN champions have an obligation to defend their titles within a period of six months from the date of their first championship win or, from the date of their most recent championship defense.

Upon expiration of seven months the WBC Muaythai Africa reserves the right to declare the title vacant.


Photo : M. Hadj Bettahar, WBC Muaythai AME President, with Pol. General Kovid Bhakdibhumi, WBC Muaythai President


Le Muay Thaï est devenu mondial dans les années 90 à l’époque où il était passionné de ce sport. Depuis lors, il promeut les carrières de nombreuses légendes mondiales de l’est et de l’ouest comme Samart Payakaroon, Ramon Dekkers et bien d’autres.

Il est devenu l’ambassadeur numéro un du WBC Muay Thaï sur tout le continent et en Afrique en promouvant plus de titres mondiaux et européens que quiconque. Avoir une grande connaissance du fonctionnement professionnel à l’intérieur et à l’extérieur du ring.


Notre objectif est d’amener cette grande marque aux quatre coins du monde en créant de grands champions qui peuvent aspirer à occuper des positions sur la scène mondiale de cette croissance évolutive du sport.


La recherche de l’excellence a été la marque de fabrique de notre marque, de sorte que les représentations locales seront convenues avec des délégués de renom qui garantissent la continuité et un réel soutien à la marque à travers la programmation d’événements sportifs avec les litiges du cadre de titre de la WBC Muaythai.